Checklist Before Having Your First Baby

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When you become a new mom, you have no idea what you need, but you want to be ready for everything. There are a lot of things that I purchased, that served no purpose but the things that I did purchase that I was so happy about, I thought, I have to pass this on to other future mamas! Of course every child is different, and not all of these items may resonate with you, but if they do, I would invest in them, in some ways they made our lives so much easier at such an overwhelming time.

With COVID-19, Amazon has been the best option to safely purchase anything for my baby. All these items can be ordered directly from Amazon!

Halo Bassinet + Organic Mattress. Why do I love this? This bassinet can hover over your bed, and you barely have to get up to remove the baby. So for those really exhausting nights in the beginning, this was the best thing I could have asked for. TIP ** I wouldn’t suggest getting the newborn insert, you can’t really see the baby with it, and that defeats the point of having the bassinet. But I did make sure to get the extra padding for comfort and the mobile for music. 

Ollie swaddle. I didn’t buy this right away and I so regret it. If you’re planning on swaddling your baby, this is the swaddle to invest in. Other swaddles were so complicated, and I was always worried I was tying it on too tight or not tight enough. This one was so simple, and the fabric is made out of a special breathable material, you will not regret it.

White noise machine. This was incredible, because our babies are so used to this sound in the womb, the white noise machine helps them transition to the outside world. Try and find one that has a night light option. If your baby is super colicky, you might want to consider investing in a portable one.

Mesa car seat. This car seat is compatible with the UPPABaby Vista and Cruz, it was a no brainer, I just had to get it. If your baby is born in the winter, I would highly recommend getting a winter cover for your car seat. You will most likely be running errands with your baby in their car seat, since waking up a sleeping baby and transferring them in to a stroller seat is something you really won't want to do. 

Stroller. I love the UPPAbaby Vista, I have zero complaints living in Toronto with it, it’s so sturdy and the basket is big enough for me to put everything I need in it, groceries, bags, you name it! I also love that the wheels are massive, and we’re planning on having babies back to back, so there’s an adapter to add another bassinet or car seat! I also purchased the cup holder, it was so necessary for my morning strolls, along with  a stroller organizer, and you're all set!

The Baby Boba Wrap or Ergobaby carrier with the newborn insert. Doing skin to skin while washing dishes isn’t always possible, but with either of these carriers it is! I love wraps so I actually purchased both. The ergo you can use for when they get a bit older, great for walking around town! I always believed that babies need to be as close to mama and as much as you can for the first few months is always suggested.

Milk snob. I loved using this in the summer, it was so perfect, blocked out the sun, I was able to use it as a breastfeeding cover, I just adore this thing!

4 pack of  Aden + Adenais muslin swaddle blankets. Why this brand? They’re breathable, soft, versatile and so perfect for a newborn. You can use them to cover your stroller on a sunny day, for coverage while breastfeeding, as a birth cloth, or to keep your baby warm. LOVE the patterns, 10/10!

Mamaroo. I used mine up until Lea was 6 months, she looooveeeeddd it!!! I love the option of propping them up so that you can see them. The only downfall is that the mobile doesn't move on it's own, but this helped us out in our most desperate times. Lea would doze off in it for a few hours, even though they say not to let them sleep in it, but it's kinda hard not letting a baby sleep in there, since that's all they do! She loved the motion, the white noise, and I would use my foot to turn it on or off so I didn't have to bend forward which was nice after giving birth and being in pain. This is an investment, I would really recommend it if you're planning on having more babies.

WubbaNub  Infant Pacifier. Ok so I LOVED this soother, it was perfect for Lea to eventually hold on to, and that way it never went missing. 

Hospital outfit for baby. I bought Lea her first onesie and hat  from by KYTE.  Why do I love this brand so much? Because it’s organic, soft and knowing your baby is just so comfy in this material, it’ll make your heart warm up! I also love that the fabric is quite stretchy, so they don't grow out of it too quickly. I've squeezed Lea in to hers for a good few months, lol.

Comotomo Baby Bottles. My bestie told me about these bottles. She swore by them, and now I do too. Lea had no problem weaning Lea off the boob with these bottles. They're worth every penny. 

Diaper bag. I bought mine from Skip Hop. It’s lightweight, a backpack style which is always great because we never have extra hands, and it comes with everything you need. There are plenty of other options, some are more fashion forward, but I really wanted to go for practicality when it came to a diaper bag.

Diapers & wipes. I wanted to make sure I had organic ones for the first month, just because they're skin is so sensitive. I love the Seventh Generation brand so much. Their quality is impeccable and they're scent-free. **There are newborn size diapers, don’t get size 1 those are too big. While you're at it, if your baby develops a diaper rash, this is always great to have on hand the Weleda Calendula Cream. I bought one for my diaper bag, and one for my diaper station at home so I never forgot it.

Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 Crib and the Babyletto Dresser and Change Tray So I originally purchased an entire baby furniture set form Wayfair, boy was that a mistake. The quality was awful, the inside of the drawers smelled toxic, I was incredibly disappointed. They reimbursed me, but I decided to purchase this Babyletto Hudson 3 -in-1 furniture set, and I don't regret it one bit.

Boon Soak 3-Stage Bathtub. Lea took her first bath in this tub, and she's been using until now, I absolutely adore this and really feel like I got my money's worth!

    So, if you're pregnant and are starting to plan out your registry, you know exactly what you need!

    Wishing all you mamas to be so much love! xoxoxoxo

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