How to forage your own flowers

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Ok mamas, if you love flowers the way I do, there is nothing more beautiful than fresh flowers in your home. Adding them to your workspace, kitchen table, or even next to your sink, so when you're doing dishes for the 10th time, you have something pretty to look at. 

On your next hike, bike ride, or walk, make sure you have a pair of sharp scissors so that you can forage Mother Nature's beauty, wild flowers. Before I give you the tips on doing this, please always keep in mind that this is a gift, given to us, and that it is not to be take for granted. So don't pull from the root, or cut a whole damn tree off, lol. 

Ok... so here are the tips.

1. The best time to forage is in the early morning, before the sun gets too hot.

2. If you're planning on moving through bushes or tall grass, it's very important to wear long sleeves and tall boots. Lyme disease is a real thing, and not to mention all other kinds of insects.

3. Have a sharp pair of scissors, make sure you cut the stem, be mindful, do not pull on the flowers or branches.

4. Always ask permission from the land owner if you forage greenery, if you're not sure if it's legal, find out. In most situations if you're respectful, and don't overdo it, it's usually not a problem.

5. Once you've cut the flowers and greenery, place them in a basket, and put them in cold water as soon as you can.

6. Style them however you like, I love using bud vases that way I can place them all around my house.

7. Last but not least, thank Mother Nature for her beauty, and fill your heart with gratitude. 

Lots of love to all you mamas

XO Sherry 

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