Giving birth and running a business.

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Are you a mom in business? Or thinking of starting a business as a mom?

Sometimes I wonder, seriously how do we do it? I think part of me being here today, writing you, is to tell you that it can happen, and seriously if I can do it, anyone can.

Lea was born at one of the busiest times for any event florist, July 9th. So, with that said, I had no choice but to go back in to the studio 2 days after giving birth. That meant I was standing for hours at a time and working when I really should have been sleeping and caring for my baby.

I had a successful vaginal birth, and I'm so thankful that everything went well physically. The reason I say physically, is because I wasn't ok emotionally. I didn't know that the hormones would kick in as hard as they did. I heard about postpartum depression, but you don't really know it's happening, it kind of creeps in to your own thinking, and it becomes a part of you, you forget how you once were.

So, with that, I would work hard and cry. As I designed, I would just cry. It was probably one of the worst moments I have of work, knowing that I wasn't able to be with my baby, I felt trapped and questioned everything. I didn't have a moment, I would jump from one event to the other, run to the supplier, respond to emails, phone calls, manage my staff, and of course with all of this be up all night with a crying baby. 

So how did I get through it? TIME and SUPPORT. Time truly heals all wounds and the support from friends and family was essential. 

So if you're going through something similar, reach out, ask for help, don't try to be a hero, postpartum emotions are a real thing, something that you can't control even if you tried. Call every friend possible to help you, ask your family members to come over and cook you a meal. Ask your partner for a hug. Whatever you think you need in that moment.

The 10 things I appreciated right after giving birth and running a business:

1. A home cooked meal

2. Fruit salad

3. Foot massage

4. My dog being walked

5. Laundry done and folded 

6. When my friends called to check up on me and see how I was feeling

7. When my family watched Lea so I could catch up on sleep

8. When my friends came over to visit

9. When my mom came over and cleaned the house from top to bottom

10. When my sister went out and bought all the essentials that I was missing. Breast pump bra, extra soothers...etc.

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