The 10 best baby items on amazon that made the newborn phase a little easier!

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The 10 best baby items on amazon that made my mom life so easy!

Here's a list of items that truly made my life just a little easier as a new mom, and I hope it works for you too! 

1. Newborn Phillips Avent soothers

3. Wabanub stuffed animal soother (newborn - 3M)

4. Comotomo bottles: one of the best bottles in the market for weaning your baby off the boob! 

6. Baby Breeza Formula Pro Advanced So... I actually only found out about this when my baby was 11 months old... and it's one of my biggest regrets, not getting it. I will definitely be purchasing this for my next baby.

7. Boon LAWN drying rack: I got the smaller one to start, and then ended up ordering the bigger one as she got older and had more things to dry. Looking back I would have just ordered the bigger one.

8. Baby Bjorn Bouncer : A little pricey, but I was able to fold it up, and go to nana's without feeling overwhelmed. I even brought it with me when I wanted to shower, and I put her right in there, she loved it! I do not regret this purchase.

9. Milk Snob: So, if you're baby is born in the summer, this is so perfect for those summer days. It fits right over the car seat and you know you're baby is protected from the sun.

10. Skip Hop Diaper Bag Backpack: Is it the nicest looking diaper bag in the market? Absolutely not, but listen, when you're taking this bag with you every where you go, you'll want something lightweight & practical. So for that reason I love this bag!

Ok really, 11 items, lol. The Ergobaby or the Boba is totally essential for keeping your baby close when you're too tired to hold them.

Congrats on your new baby, feel free to DM me if you have any questions, I'm always happy to help!

Xo Sherry

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