Hospital Bag Checklist

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When you think about birth, you don't really think about what you'll be packing for the hospital, and then once you do, it can get a little overwhelming. I looked to my gf's for this one, but a lot of them didn't even remember, they're like "I dunno, I just packed, like I was going on vacation". I'm like, wellll yah that's not gonna cut it for me. SO, I really searched for the right things to bring with me, and I wanted to make sure I had everything, and that I didn't have to worry about sending someone home, or having my hubbs leave me to get what we were missing. I brought all my essentials, I didn't over do it, and I was so happy. You never know how long you'll be in labour or if you'll end up having a C-Section and will need to stay a little longer. It's best to have everything you need with you that will make your experience a positive one. So here it is!

  • Hospital Robe. Keep it thin, I bought this robe one off of amazon and loved it. The hospital gown is open in the back, and I hated walking around with it, so this robe saved me!
  • Cord Blood Kit. If you're collecting your baby's cord blood, make sure to bring the kit with you and have the bank info on had, you have to call right after delivery. So perhaps delegate this task to someone other than yourself, my doula did this for me. *tip: make sure not to keep the kit in your car, as it needs to be in room temperature
  • Baby diapers + Wipes. Our hospital didn’t supply them to us, make sure to get the newborn size, not size 1. I also made sure to use an organic brand for Lea's first month. Her skin was so sensitive so I'm glad I did. Seventh Generation has got to be my favorite organic baby brand. I mostly used their brand for baby detergent, fabric softner, diapers and wipes
  • Baby's going home outfit. I got mine from KYTE . After your baby has their first bath, before you all head home, this is a great time to put their new outfit on.
  • Pregnancy Pillow. This was the best idea I ever had. It kept me so comfortable, you have to bring it! 
  • Eye shades. Hospital lights are brutal, and you need your rest. Enough said.
  • Ear plugs. Vibes is a good brand, because if you don’t end up sleeping in a private room, and there's 3 or 4 other crying babies in the room, hopefully not yours (smiley), it won't block all sounds out completely, you still want to hear your baby cry, it just reduces the sound so it's not piercing to the ear.
  • Going home outfit. Something loose, no leggings, ideally a romper.
  • Sunglasses. I needed these, because the hormones kicked in as soon as I left the hospital, and I couldn’t stop crying. It was insane, so as you’re walking back to the car, and run in to people, it’s nice to be able to hide behind your sunglasses.
  • A warm blanket. Hospital blankets are so thin, and they crank up the AC
  • Socks. Make sure they’re comfy and loose.
  • Flip Flops. For the shower and walking around.
  • Speaker for music. Ben and I invested in the Libratone a little while back, and we absolutely love it. It has surround sound, and portable. One of our favorite purchases EVER.
  • Head phones. Came in handy for meditation and concentration during contractions. 
  • Your make up bag. This is for when people come and see the baby, but at least you look fresh!
  • Cellphone/video camera + charger.
  • Extra outfit for you and hubby.
  • Snacks. The best kind of snacks are Kashi Bars, Dried Organic Un-sweetened mango, Mixed nuts, Aussie bites from costco. Basically anything that doesn't need to be refrigerated and that will give you enough energy. 
  • Re-Usable water bottle. Ideally glass, this one is my favorite, the Purifyou Premium Glass I bought the 32 oz size.

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