Necklace sizing

Option 1: Use an existing necklace

How to determine your necklace length?

If there’s a necklace that you wear often and you would like your new necklace to be the same length, the easiest way to do this is to measure your existing necklace. Open the necklace, lay it flat on a table. Use measuring table or ruler to determine the entire length including the clasp.


Option 2: Use a string

If you don’t have an existing necklace to measure, another way is to take a piece of string. Place the string around your neck to exactly where you would like the necklace to sit. Then, measure the string with measuring tape by keeping your fingers in place.

In both cases, make sure to note the length down in inches. 

Keep in mind that the length of your necklace can also be adjusted with an extender chain, which can be especially helpful if you're between sizes or want to wear the same necklace at different lengths.