Custom upload guidelines


1. Take a clear photo of the memory you want to cherish. Try to cover additional text using white paper.
2. Upload the photo using the 'Choose file' button.
3. Use the live preview to center the desired text for engraving. Use the (-) or (+) buttons to adjust the size.
4. Click/Tap the green button to save.


- If the memory is too long, we can divide it into 2-3 lines, depending on the pendant dimensions you choose.
- Make sure that the caption isn't cut off and that you can see all of it.
- Don't worry if it's on an angle. We'll make sure to center it and maximize the space.
- Be mindful of the dimensions of the pendant you choose, so we can include all of your text, making it as clear and visible as possible.
- If you would like to adjust the photo, simply click/tap the Crop icon (next to the 'Choose file' button).
- You can add additional special instructions in the cart page, prior to checkout.

*If we find any potential issues with the file you sent, we'll make sure to send you our recommendations, a mock-up for you to approve or new instructions to make it work.
*If for any reason, the file is not uploading correctly, you can send us your photo to with instructions.